Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Many years ago, Sony introduced a product named the Walkman which had revolutionized the way on how the public listened to music. After this, Apple created the iPod which was the next big invention of the century since it transformed the realm of portable music machines.

Due to all the inventions that were created decades ago along with the advancements made in technology contemporarily; we are now breathing the age of the best Bluetooth speakers or rather, the best Bluetooth speakers priced under 5000.

For most of us, experiencing a high sound quality is mandatory in order to savor the tunes of our most favorable music. These days, tablets and smartphones are convenient to carry and play music wherever we go, although, in several scenarios, they are not proficient in delivering the sound quality we desire.

Therefore, we look towards stand-alone speakers since they offer superb audio quality. But, there are certain limitations that come with it. In a nutshell, they are bulky, wired, weighty and require a power source. Because of this concern, the revolution of Bluetooth portable speakers has made it so much easier and seamless to listen to the music we desire.

The Bluetooth speakers provide a reliable and effective answer to this issue since they are extremely portable and you don’t need to carry multiple cables wherever you go.

Moreover, a portable Bluetooth speaker is an accessory that is certainly beneficial to own for both your laptop and smartphone but selecting one can often be challenging. With the multitude of options found in the market, it’s difficult to choose the best one. There are models that range from different sizes and shapes.

The best method when it comes to selecting a speaker that’s ideal for you is not only testing the sound but to see how suitable a speaker is by just reading through the specifications.

Nevertheless, in contrast to smartphones, users don’t have the liberty always to try the product out before purchasing it in grand shopping malls. The solution to this problem is to pre-plan and know what to search for in a Bluetooth speaker. This will help you figure out all your needs and requirements before you make the final choice.

Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a small review buying guide which will help you checklist features, aspects and review the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India before purchasing the next best Bluetooth speaker. These products are affordable for all the users and come with stunning features.

Why Should I Pick A Bluetooth Speaker?

Before we move ahead with the product reviews, we need to understand (briefly) on what a wireless speaker does and why you should select a Bluetooth speaker so that you have a better grasp on the fundamentals before making an informed decision.

Wireless speakers have the capability to enable users to link their music players without requiring the need for many cables. In order to perform this feature, users will need to connect their devices such as a tablet, mobile, computer etc with a loudspeaker by utilizing any of the current connection technologies i.e Wi-Fi, personal wireless network, NFC (Near Field Communication) or Bluetooth.

Wifi speakers (a type of wireless speakers) require the wifi internet network in order to set up a connection. This connection offers authentic sound quality than compared to Bluetooth, however, when it comes to mini portable speakers, this is not a huge concern.

In contrast, they have multiple drawbacks. For instance, they require an initial configuration which can be quite complex for those users who are not knowledgeable with the technology.

Or, if a user’s domestic connection is not effective or strong, he/she may need to endure frequent connectivity issues. Apart from this, the main disadvantage for a Wi-Fi speaker is to always be situated near a plug in order to use it. This can be quite cumbersome for you on a regular basis.

Moreover, there are quite a few wireless speakers such as Apple and Sonos machines that resolve connectivity issues by generating their own wireless network via an external device. Nonetheless, they still have the downside of requiring a connection to the electricity network.

So far, we have seen how a Wi-Fi speaker (as an example) seems to be quite complicated especially when it comes to integrating speakers with the wireless network.

Therefore, if you’re a user who is searching for easement of a super-simple speaker that can be easy to configure and carry around at the same time, we recommend opting for a portable Bluetooth speaker since it is, without a doubt, the best option.

Regardless of where you are i.e at the pool, beach or maybe driving with friends, watching a show on your device, making a barbecue or in the patio of your household having dinner, a portable Bluetooth speaker will bring you amazing sound quality in the most soothing way possible.

Factors to Look for in a Bluetooth Speaker under 5000

As stated before, it’s not suitable to construct your buying decision solely on specifications alone but it’s the right place to begin, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to obtain an audition test in order to test out the speaker yourself.

1) Bluetooth

When it comes to Bluetooth technology, you can analyze the audio transmission quality by measuring the distance kept between your smartphone and the speaker. Ideally, it’s suggested to search for a Bluetooth 4 version or something more advanced since this version (minimum) includes a better battery life expectancy, assistance for Low Energy profile, and is about 60 meters.

On the other hand, Bluetooth 5 is the advanced and latest standard these days. It enhances the data transmission range and rate tremendously, however, not a lot of speakers adopt this standard.

2) Response From Frequency Levels

Response from a frequency level is measured in hertz is usually outlined within a range of 100Hz – 20,000Hz. The typical theory for frequency response is that – the wider the range, the better the speaker’s ability to generate audio as it was expected.

Although, implementing a wide range only doesn’t deliver an appropriate sound quality since it all depends on how the ear discerns sound and this can differ significantly from one user to another.

There are other factors such as the listener’s age since the ability to listen to particular frequencies tend to decrease over time. For example, in an audio file, the bass is generally heard at an approximate frequency range of 20Hz to 250Hz. Vocals along with other musical instruments such as piano and guitar tend to dwell in the range of 250Hz to 4000Hz. This range is usually identified as the mid-range. Treble is formed from the remaining frequencies that range up to 20,000Hz.

3) Connectivity

Apart from wireless connectivity, it’s always great to have the choice open for a wired connection as well so you should look into an auxiliary connector. Generally, this is known as ‘Aux-In’ and is found in a speaker’s specifications page. A wired connection is always beneficial for those users to aim to conserve a bit of their phone’s battery or speaker and it definitely assists in obtaining better sound quality sometimes.

A majority of speakers these days integrate NFC, which provides instant pairing with multiple devices. A microphone is also a fantastic feature to experience since it allows you to answer calls through the speaker directly which is quite similar to a speakerphone.

With this, you don’t have to keep searching for your phone whenever you receive a call because you can answer directly via the speaker. Using a microphone even enables you to interact with the virtual assistant embedded into your phone. Therefore, you can easily inquire about the weather update and schedule appointments without touching your phone.

4) Drivers

As CPU is the heart of a computer, the driver is the heart and soul of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 or any other speakers in general. This is why it’s crucial to check out a driver that’s decently sized. A majority of portable speakers will generally integrate a 40mm driver which is a recommendable size, to begin with. If you expect bigger drivers, then you should anticipate the fact that the overall speaker size will increase too.

The number of drivers along with their placements creates a huge impact on how the speaker will sound. Bluetooth speakers that are small in size usually come with an independent, full-range driver and are faced either upwards or downwards so that the oust sound is better.

A lot of speakers even incorporate a twin driver setup which performs on a louder basis than compared to its counterparts. Due to insufficient space inside a portable Bluetooth speaker, a woofer can’t be implemented. Therefore, many manufacturers install in passive radiators that vibrate in order to produce bass.

5) Charging Capabilities

It’s quite common to have a conventional USB charging port since it is an additional convenience for the user. This is true for those who regularly go outdoors or spend time at a relative/friends place but often forget to bring the bundled cables with them. Many speakers, currently, are interested in a Micro-USB port. This port opens the possibility to charge speakers with power banks thereby you don’t need to be near a wall socket whenever you need to charge it.

6) Where Will You Utilize A Bluetooth Speaker The Most?

Apart from its charging capabilities, you need to ponder upon how and where you’ll be using the Bluetooth speaker. If the speaker is mostly for home use, then we recommend you to consider options that will combine well with your home interiors. The Bose SoundLink Revolve, for instance, is built with an aluminum body and includes a modern design. This is suitable and brilliant for any urban living room.

However, if you aim to use the speaker outdoor or in the shower mostly, then we suggest you search for a sturdy, waterproof speaker. The best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India offer decent options within an affordable price range.

As mentioned before, battery life is important to evaluate. If you go out camping or commute for long periods of time, you need a good battery source since it is highly unlikely to gain access to a power source unless you’re in a shop.

7) Upgraded Features

A great number of Bluetooth speakers today can perform a lot more than streaming music in general. Intelligent speakers are now the latest trend in the industry and it’s quite obvious to see how some of these models are paving their path into India.

For example, ALEXA – Amazon’s virtual assistant is now integrated into Echo’s line of wireless and wired speakers in India whereas Google has its own dedicated smart speakers.

Other than sound, there are a plethora of features to try out and you should check to see whether or not it has companion app support. This is convenient if you desire to check the battery life of a speaker, control several speakers, or just simply update the firmware of a speaker.

If you’re that user who hears high-resolution audio files most of the time, then it’s exceptionally useful to obtain high-resolution audio profile support such as LDAC or aptX HD. These profiles make a whole lot of if only you use it with a compatible device and the right audio source.

Finally, one other reliable feature we like to mention is the capability to pair several speakers together in order to generate a bigger sound. Often times, a single speaker isn’t enough when it comes to loudness or rather ‘fill’ a huge room or when you’re outdoors. This is why pairing two or more speakers of the same type is a perk you need to take advantage off.

Many brands include this feature in their Bluetooth models and certain brands such as JBL allow you to link up 100 speakers and more together even though it’s not necessary for you to utilize that many. Actually, users will only use the option to link two speakers in stereo mode, thus delivering them a much advanced audio experience.

With a few simple guidelines like these, it should now be less-challenging to narrow down your options when it comes to selecting a Bluetooth speaker that fits your hearing interest the best.

Tips To Select The Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 5000

As we have seen some of the pivotal factors when it comes to deciding a worthy Bluetooth speaker, let’s take a look at some tips on how to choose the best Bluetooth speaker under 5000 in India.

1. Assessing Sound Quality (Without Testing It Manually)

Checking out the sound quality is without a doubt one of the most crucial parameters. Ultimately, if you are going to purchase a loudspeaker, then you should search for a model that will allow you to listen to music on an advanced standard than compared to listening to music on mobile.

But to be clear, how do I figure out which device outputs a good or decent sound quality? Technically, there are 4 parameters that’ll make you realize which Bluetooth speaker will sound best, despite not hearing it before: sound system, output power, impedance, and frequency range.

The first point to evaluate is the type of sound system employed. Each of these systems comprises a particular amount of channels. Speakers can be integrated with a certain channel, therefore, allowing it to emit sounds. You might have heard about 2.1, 5.1 and many more versions. 5.1, for example, consists of a single subwoofer for bass and 5 full range speakers.

Many Bluetooth speakers these days implement either 2.0 system which contains two full-range speakers or a 2.1 system (including subwoofer) which is known to behave the highest quality in terms of sound performance.
The second parameter is the output power (measured in watts). This value basically relates to the watts outputted by the loudspeaker. Moreover, it will cause sound pressures in decibels which is none other than the volume.

Most of the Bluetooth speakers mentioned in this article are small in size thereby cannot generate a lot of power. Typically, you can expect power to range between 15 and 20 watts which should sufficient enough to get about 80 dB. This volume is loud enough in order to hear well in environments that are either outdoors or large in size.
However, it’s still recommended to not crank up the loudspeaker to its maximum power because it can lead to distortions. Usually, it’s recommended to use an optimal power of 80%.

One another parameter that dictates the quality of sound is the resistance (measured in ohms). This parameter is connected to the power parameter and is linked with the passage of electric currents.

The golden rule is the higher the resistance, the lesser the power of which a speaker produces. To put it in simple terms, just note that the lower the impedance level, the superior the sound quality.

The last parameter to ponder about is the frequency range of which the machine is potent in emitting. The common audible spectrum, or the sounds that can be heard by the human ear, range on an estimate between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

If a Bluetooth wireless speaker is not competent of producing within the whole range of the audible spectrum, then there will be multiple sounds that will be missed.

Thereby, by having a substantial range of frequencies that are engulfed by the Bluetooth speaker, users can experience and perceive a much better sound.

2. Compact and Lightweight

Imagine a scenario where you need to get away for the weekend or go camping with your friends but your bag is too tight to fit into a huge speaker. Well, with a compact and lightweight Bluetooth speaker, this will not be such a problem.

A lot of manufacturers have created a line of extremely compact and lightweight Bluetooth speaker models that can be placed anywhere in your luggage.

The best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 in India can be carried anywhere without you worrying about the load. If your aim is to own a portable speaker which allows you to take it wherever you commute, then pick a model that does not exceed more than 15 cm in terms of size.

3. Compatibility

Many contemporary speakers in the market are packed with advanced Bluetooth versions such as Bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0. If your transmitting device of which you are going to use to connect is a ‘dinosaur’ version, then it is quite possible of you experiencing a connecting problem.

That is why we should make sure whether or not the speaker is compatible with older versions of Bluetooth (up to the A2DP) in order to prevent dismay.

A lot of brands integrate their speakers with either a micro USB or USB output connection so that it is capable of charging the machine when needed. In addition, there are some instances where a user would need to install in the latest updates, therefore, prevent further compatibility issues.

4. Instant Charging And Battery Backup

There are few models that include batteries and enable up to 10 hours (maximum) of music playback – within a direct, single charge. Generally, a Bluetooth speaker should offer music playback for at least 6 hours. The charging period is another point to consider. There are few models that promote a quick charging feature whereas some models don’t.

5. Design

Have you planned out where you’re going to place the Bluetooth speaker at home? Fortunately, the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 don’t require a royal seat for showcasing.

Nevertheless, it is a compact and small device which tends to take up space as little as possible. If you wish to leave it in an area such as a table or a bookcase, then we suggest you pick a model that’s equipped with a suitable design.

Although, if you like to take it outdoors such as to a party or maybe to a beach, then you need a model that’s covered with appealing colors in order to suit the mood and draw attention.

Mostly all brands deliver beautiful color combinations and you should pick one that fits your taste and personality.

6. Pairing Up Multiplex Speakers

This feature can’t be seen in all Bluetooth wireless speakers but are much popular in Wi-Fi home speakers. If you wish to generate a better surrounding sound in a room, then a single speaker cannot do the trick since the source of the emitting sounds is discharged only from a single point. To combat this, you can add in additional speakers at multiple points.

In order to gain this versatility, there are a few Bluetooth units which have an app that enables you to manage the links and pairs between multiple speakers.

7. Connectivity

Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, you should give NFC a try. NFC makes the job of connecting devices much easier than expected. All you need to do is to basically bring the units closer, keep them at a range for a second or so and they will pair up automatically. But of course, you would need both your units to include an NFC system (both the tablet or phone along with the speaker).

In order to pair up your previous drives which don’t have Bluetooth as an option, use a 3.5 mm auxiliary input since it will enable you to link devices by utilizing a cable.

8. Basic Controls

Sadly, all of us live our lives in a hurry. Daily activities and tasks strive us to perform jobs instantly and we certainly don’t find time for ourselves. Thus, if your speaker is easy to use and manage, you will find your hands filled with more time which can be used for other important tasks.

Having an easy-to-use speaker will not let you spend more than 5 minutes or so in reading instructions and understanding how to operate it. All you need to do is to switch it on, pair it and enjoy yourselves.

Moreover, you just need to know a few controls found on the speaker because it will assist you in performing some simple functions. For instance, the volume control, the power button, a button to answer calls (if available), the play/pause button, and the Bluetooth pairing switch is all you need to know in order to obtain complete control of the device.

9. Handsfree Feature

If you are hearing music on your speaker which is linked to your smartphone but surprisingly receive a call. What happens next? Well, if this speaker incorporates a microphone that’s built-in, then you can easily speak in front of it as if it were a hands-free approach.

The music is paused, and you can answer your call by tapping on the speaker’s button. Furthermore, once you’re done with the call, the music continues to play. This can come in handy for most of the users.

10. Durability

When it comes to durability, it’s best to research and read through online reviews, forums before purchasing the product. If you are one of those users who frequently drop their belongings (phone, tablet etc), it will be beneficial to obtain a speaker that’s sturdy and strong enough to withstand potential damage.

Additionally, few Bluetooth speaker models are constructed with aluminum housings which are practically more resistant than compared to the typical plastic material. If you drop it, by chance, it will still not break due to its aluminum housing construction.

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