Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

1. iRobot 900 Series Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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Roomba brand by iRobot is synonymous to robovacs as Xerox is to photocopying. This WiFi-enabled version demonstrates why.

The device comes with three cleaning modes to keep your floor immaculately clean, it uses camera driven navigation and the mapping here is great. It is also equipped with an easy to use app which provides cleaning reports and alerts. And the cherry on top it supports smart devices like Alexa and Google Home.


  • World’s Leading Brand
  • Powerful Aeroforce cleaning system for cleaning all floor types
  • Dirt detection sensor which works till all dirt is cleaned
  • Debris Extractors that prevents clogging and tangling in the suction head
  • iAdapt 2.0 navigation that supports multi-room cleaning
  • iRobot app which allows scheduling and setting up cleaning preferences

The iRobot 900 Series Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot with its advanced features works like a breeze. With quite a few upgrades over its previous iterations, it is worth having a look. Pros

  • Modern styling
  • Has features of Roomba 980 like iAdapt at less price
  • Wifi enabled can be controlled from anywhere in the world
  • Bristle-less extractors so there is less maintenance
  • Can reach to exact location it left before recharging so you don’t miss spots


  • Short run time of around 75 minutes
  • Can not use turbo mode while cleaning carpets

2. iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

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The new and improved iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot packs a power punch over its predecessors with a brand new powerful motor it is a beast when it comes to cleaning.

Roomba is synonymous to robovacs and this latest addition does not disappoint, with great battery life and advanced cleaning feature. This device is one to look for.


  • Great Brand value
  • iAdapt 2.0 navigation with visual localization for
  • Recharge and clean till cleaning is complete
  • Navigates through furniture and clutter
  • Can avoid stairs and other drops
  • iRobot app for scheduling and other preferences
  • Aeroforce 3 stage Cleaning system for great cleaning with low maintenance
  • Adjusts automatically for different surface
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 10.23 Watt powered motor

The iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is elegantly designed to gel in with its environment and does its work autonomously so that you don’t have to worry at all. With bigger bins and better sensors, it is less needy and would ask for your help only when it’s unavoidable. This is a device to crave for. Pros

  • Lithium-ion batteries that run up to 2 hours
  • Elegant styling
  • Extremely user-friendly app
  • Can reach recharge dock without any issues
  • HEPA filters to collect irritants


  • Very Loud
  • Circular shape prevents it from reaching far off corners
  • Not good at cleaning pet hair

3. Automatic Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner PureClean

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The PureClean PUCRC96B is a low-cost robovac which can deliver automatic cleaning without burning hole in your pocket.


  • Scheduled activation for getting the cleaning done at your convenience
  • Returns to Recharge dock automatically when the battery is low
  • Dual rotating brushes extends reach to the far corner for better cleaning

The Automatic Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner PureClean PUCRC96B is for people who want to try the experience of robot cleaners before investing big. This device is a nice entry-level device to try out as it is soft on your pocket while still managing to give you an efficient cleaning experience. Pros

  • Auto return feature enables it to return to the charging dock
  • Stair Detection available
  • Supports virtual walls to create artificial barriers
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Auto scheduling possible
  • Decent battery life of around 90 minutes
  • Can resume cleaning from the same spot after recharging
  • 4 cleaning modes
  • Comes with a HEPA filter


  • NO Wifi connectivity or app support
  • Charging time is long
  • Makes lots of noise

Now that you know our recommendations, Let us see how you can set up your house for better cleaning of carpets, pet hair and hardwood floor using robovacs

Preparing the room and the device

Charge your device overnight before using so that all cleaning can be done in one go.

Always place the home base (the charging dock) on a hard surface. This is where the robot will return after the battery dies. So place the dock in a relatively open space which will help your robovac to return back easily. Also, make sure that your Home base is always plugged in.

Set up virtual walls or barriers, so that your device stays in the designated cleaning area and does not wander off. You can use Yoga mats or boxes for the same.

Keep an eye over the device near stairs, though they do come with sensors to identify stairs, it is always advisable to be extra cautious

How to Use Robot Vaccum Cleaner

Though your robovac can get around obstacles it is advisable to remove clutter like toys, trash, books, DVDs or other things sitting on the floor before you start the cleaning process. Also, anything that can tangle the device must be removed at once.

Select the clean pattern for the room. There are many cleaning patterns available for different cleaning needs. Make use of these to get the maximum out of your device.

Avoid using your robovacs on wet floors. As there are a lot of electronic parts moving inside your device it is recommended that you use it on dry floors unless your robovac includes mopping function.

Robovac Maintenance

The rear end of your device will include a tray or bin for storing the dirt and dust collected while cleaning. You should always clean it regularly for better device health. Keep trashcan near handy so that you don’t spill the content of the tray.

You should then remove the filter and knock off any dust still clinging on. Vacuuming the tray and the filter from time to time is also a very good idea.

Other attachment like side-sweepers, brushes, and rollers also need cleaning from time to time. Replace your filters as suggested by the manufacturer as your robot cleaner is as good as the filter which traps all the dirt.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

The robot cleaner makes life comfortable. But as it serves you it sometimes needs your care too, the more you care for it the more it will care for your house.

Hope this will quench your curiosity for the robovacs. Please do write in after your purchase about your experiences regarding this cute new addition to your household.

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